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Pairing: Rochu (Ivan x Yao) | Genre: Lemon, Humour, Romance | Rating: R-18

Synopsis: Ivan has a special birthday present for Yao, and Yao has to go to great lengths to get it. Contains lemon, cheese and mush. First published on 1 October 2010 in commemoration of Yao's birthday.

Warning: This chapter contains explicit descriptions of lemon.

All characters (C) Axis Powers Hetalia & Hidekaz Himaruya. Characters and story are not representative of actual nations and events. In this story, I've named Hong Kong and Taiwan by their Chinese fanon names Wang Xiang and Wang Wan, where Wang is derived from Yao's surname, Xiang comes from the Chinese name for Hong Kong (Xiang Gang), and Wan is derived from Taiwan.


Chapter 3: Paradise on Earth

They had made love countless of times, but today was special. Ivan wanted this so much, wanted for both of them to remember this day for the rest of their lives. He inched forward, his hard flesh in his hand, slowly guiding it to rest against his lover's slick, pulsing portal.

The small opening relaxed at his touch, and he felt himself sink inside. Ivan pushed a little more, slowly sliding in an inch at a time, sinking deeper into his lover's incredible heat until he was fully sheathed, Yao's body receiving him eagerly. The feeling was exquisite, hot, slick velvet walls pulsing around him. Ivan felt as if he belonged nowhere else in the world.

Ivan held himself steady, the urge to thrust mindlessly into the hot sheath surrounding him almost overwhelming. Yao lay still, breathing deeply. Ivan was pleased to see the pain and fear in his lover's eyes fade and a look of ecstasy replace them.

"Yao, do you like having me inside you?"

"Don't... don't ask stupid questions aru!" Yao cried as his cheeks reddened.

"Yao~ How's my question stupid? I really have no idea da~ You're always scolding me when I want to make love to you~ Since it's your birthday, I'm going to be a good boy and ask for your permission before I proceed~"

"As if! I don't believe you'd be so kind aru!" Yao scoffed.

"If you don't want to continue, we can stop here," Ivan said calmly.

"Why you...!"

Biting his lower lip, Yao whispered, his red visage blushing even further, "Yes... I... I like it. Please don't stop aru..."

"I like being inside you too, my little sunflower. I like it very much," Ivan smiled. He lifted Yao's legs down and guided them to clasp his waist. Then he leant forward, their mouths almost touching. He could feel warm breaths of air against his chin. "I love you." He closed the infinitesimal distance and took Yao's mouth in a deep kiss. He almost lost himself in the feel of the soft, pliant lips as he pushed his tongue into warm haven.

Ivan pulled back slightly, feeling the tight channel grasp deliciously at his hard rod. Yao relaxed beneath him as Ivan continued to kiss him lovingly. Yao's small hands stroked his broad back, occasionally moving up to his neck to caress it. Ivan slowly ended the kiss, sucking on the succulent lower lip.

"I'm going to make love to you now. Ready?" Ivan asked as he gave an experimental thrust of his hips. He smiled tenderly as Yao mewled when his hidden jewel was brushed against. Ivan eased back and then pushed inside once more. His reward was a gasp of pleasure from his mate. He repeated the movement, his member rubbing over Yao's sweet spot on each stroke. He could feel his lover's erection pushing against his belly as he rocked back and forth, drawing ever impassioned cries.

"Ah...! Ivan...! Nnh...! Ivan!" Yao wailed as each thrust landed firmly against his pleasure point. He tightened his embrace around Ivan's neck as tears of pleasure and pain flowed freely from his eyes.

"Yao! Yao! You feel so good! I could do this forever..."

He reached between them to take Yao's weeping member and fondled it. The reaction was instantaneous, the tight channel squeezing with sublime heat and pressure. He slowed as he shifted slightly so that he was lying on his back with Yao on top, straddling his thighs. The change in angle let him bury himself more deeply into the hot, tight passage and Yao cried out his delight.

"Yao...! Yao!" Ivan panted. "Do you know what I'm thinking about you now?

"Huh...?" Yao gasped, his mind in a whirl and not really taking in a word.

"You're paradise on earth... My paradise on earth..."

Ivan picked up pace, assaulting Yao's pleasure centre over and over again. The pace of their lovemaking increased incrementally, each man's enjoyment, arousal and pleasure fueling the other. Ivan felt Yao tense up and the velvety walls that enclosed his rod contract. As his climax overwhelmed him, Yao cried out his lover's nickname in love and bliss.

"Van... Vanya!"

The tight heat surrounding him clenched and spasmed. Pearly fluid pulsed over Ivan's hand and cascaded onto his abdomen.

"Yao...! Yao! You're mine... all mine..." he bit down on Yao's bare shoulder, sucking to leave yet another mark outside his mate's body as he followed him quickly into ecstasy, his hot seed filling the shuddering body he held.

Their mutual orgasm was as if they were connected, two souls merging, becoming one. The pleasure intense, draining, all consuming. The fire of their souls burning in each other quenching each others need. After the beautiful moment, they lay beside each other on the grass, gasping for breath, strength sapped. Ivan leaned over his lover and their lips met in a tender kiss that could have lasted for eternity.

Ivan withdrew his lips unwillingly and gazed into Yao's blushing but smiling face. With his hair in disarray and his mouth reddened and swollen from their kisses, Yao could not look more beautiful to his eyes.

Ivan pulled his lover into his embrace and stroked his hair gently.

"Yao, I love you. I've loved you ever since I met you in Mongolia's house. You showed me what love was when you shielded me from Mongolia's beatings. You showed me what warmth was with those protective hugs that saw me through many harsh winters. There may be times when I have not treated you as well as you deserved, but I had my boss to answer to. If I was a regular human without the burden of a nation, I would give anything to make you happy. Do you love me in the same way?" his violet eyes blazed into Yao's amber ones.

"Aiya Ivan," Yao laughed awkwardly as his face went another notch redder. "Have you been watching Wan's icky romance dramas? You sound just like their love-sick protagonists aru!"

"I'm serious, Yao. Answer me," Ivan said urgently. There was no hint of jest in his eyes. Yao blushed even harder.

"Yes aru," Yao whispered. "If it does not compromise my people's interests, I'll give you anything you want, if it makes you happy."

Emboldened by Yao's positive response, Ivan took his hand and interlocked their fingers. "Yao, promise me you'll belong to me, and me alone, for the rest of our lifetime."

"You're selfish aru," Yao chided. "Family ties are important too."

"But Yao is my family da~ And I'm your family too~"

"Since when aru! We're not even... married... or anything..."

"Are we not? Look at your ring finger," Ivan held up his hand for Yao to look.

His heart skipped a beat when he saw the gold ring on his ring finger. Pressing against it was an identical ring on Ivan's ring finger.

"Oh Ivan," Yao cried, exasperated. "I've told you so many times. I can't marry you. I'm China and I will not belong to anyone else. You'll have to take back your present."

He made to pull the ring off his finger, but Ivan said "No" so forcibly that Yao stopped abruptly.

"Yao, look at the engravings on the underside of your ring," he took hold of Yao's wrist and turned it gently so that his palm was facing up.

"It says 'Property of Ivan'," Yao observed, feeling increasingly annoyed.

"Yes, it says 'Ivan', not 'Russia'. And look at mine~" Ivan held up his hand.

Yao gasped. He could not believe his eyes. He rubbed them, and blinked, and looked again.

Property of Yao.

"You can look as many times as you like da~ The engraving will never change," Ivan smiled.

"Oh... Oh Ivan," Yao spluttered, overcome with tears of joy that began falling down his cheeks.

Ivan cupped his tear-stained face in his hands.

"Do you like my present?"

"I... I do aru. I love it very much."

Contented with his answer, Ivan pressed their lips together in a slow, tender kiss. He surged forward, pressing Yao back down onto the grass. He pressed kiss after kiss to Yao's lips. They became hotter, wetter, deeper, and still, Ivan continued his loving assault.



"Let's consummate~"


"We're married, so we must consummate our marriage da~"

"But... I'm exhausted aru!"

"It's all right da~ You can relax. I'll do all the work~"

"How can I possibly relax aru!"

"Don't be shy~ I'm your husband!"

"We're not married until we go through the wedding ceremony aru!"

"Does it matter da? I have long regarded you as mine~ Besides, you did say you'd do anything that makes me happy~ Are you going back on your word?"

"I... Oh fine aru! But... please be gentle..."

"I'll try my best~ Kolkolkolkol~ "

To love is to give and take.

The End, but there's one more bonus chapter.
Preview image by :iconatds0724: for

I apologize for the late update. I was ill with flu over the weekend.

Bonus Chapter: [link]

All Chapters: [link]

My other Rochu Lemon Fics: [link]



:iconchinawtfplz: Urrgh the ending... So much fail I don't even know where to start aru...

:iconpervyrussiaplz: Ah it is a little cheesy and mushy like the author warned, and half my goosebumps are on the floor now, but it's a good ending da~? I'm your husband now~ Kolkolkolkol~

:iconchinawtfplz: You are not my husband aru! And this is a lousy ending! Why am I crying like a girl aru? And my siblings are still mad at me! What kind of birthday fic is this?

:iconpervyrussiaplz: I do believe birthday fics are meant to make the fans happy, not you da~

:iconchinawtfplz: At the expense of the birthday boy? This is unfair aru!

:iconpervyrussiaplz: Don't be upset, my wife~ I do believe the author is writing a bonus chapter about you making up with your siblings da~

:iconchinawtfplz: That would be great, but I'm not your wife, so stop calling me that aru!

:iconpervyrussiaplz: You're the uke, so that makes you my wife da?

:iconchinawtfplz: But we're not married and therefore, I'm not your wife. Don't start stripping me as you please!

:iconpervykolkolkolplz: Be good, my wife, or I'll have to force my way in~ Kolkolkolkol~

:iconchinawtfplz: Noooooooo aru!

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